Custom Rom [ROM][TW][OREO]Universal oreo port for Galaxy S6

Murad Ali

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28 Nis 2018
ADANA - TR / Sinsheim - DE
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Welcome to oreo port for our Samsung Galaxy S6. New version has been realesed. Check changelog for see the news of update. This firmware is based on A8 (2016) oreo stock rom, tweaked and edited to be working on our devices. Read informations here to know how to install, update and other useful things. Screenshots are in screenshot section of the thread. In first post (this) you can check all infos about the rom and download it. The downloadable file is just one because the zip is multitarget. To discover if your device is supported check the kernel thread in "supported devices" section (here) and leave a thanks to @prashantp01 for his amazing work. In second post you can see the changelog and the ROM-Uninstaller, made to clean your device from all things which do not need. In third one, you can get useful links to get support if you will meet some troubles or make a little to donate to me.​

*Hotspot is not doing is work properly;
*Other: you tell me; Provide logcat to report bugs.​

1-Update twrp to 3.2.2/3.2.3;
2-Download and flash rom;
3-Flash Magisk (optional);
4-Reboot; first boot can take 10min.​

*TWRP 3.2.2-0 zeroflte
*TWRP 3.2.3-0 zeroflte
*TWRP 3.2.2-0 zerolte
*TWRP 3.2.3-0 zerolte

*Android file host -----> UPLOADING
*Mega -----> HERE!

*FLAT -----> HERE!
*EDGE -----> HERE!

*G920FD RIL patch -----> HERE!