Kernel Phantom Kernel for N950 - F/FD/N (for Samsung PIE and OREO ROMs)

Murad Ali

Turkish Hack Team®
28 Nis 2018
ADANA - TR / Sinsheim - DE
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Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 8, Note 7, Note 5, Note 4, Note 3, Note 2, Note

* Brief ideology of this kernel *
This kernel, if you plan on using it out-of-the-box it is battery life oriented, but also with a few tweaks to be fast and stable, just to give best daily usage results. The best part of it is that you can tweak it how you please depending on how far you want to go. You can choose over clocking CPU or/and GPU to get really good benchmark results, apply tweaks to get the best battery life/performance with low-end and high-end gaming or just to save even more battery, your choice. All this by using simple applications like Spectrum, a bit more complex ones, like Synapse or choose an even more advance way with shell scripts / terminal.
As the project evolves more features will be added, even as requests if properly motivated.
Before releasing an update, i'll make sure that it's properly tested so that you wont get bricked devices. This usually takes a lot of time, so please be patient. If some features are considered unstable they will be marked as experimental.

* * * Version 2.0 PIE official * * *

SAMSUNG Open Source for PIE kernel (N950FXXU5DSB2);
- Compiled with Toolchain UBERTC 6.4.1 + GRAPHITE optimizations + compile warning fixes;
- Cortex and Exynos compiler optimizations;
- Available CPU governors: cultivation, blu_active (default), zzmoove, impulse, interactive, schedutil, conservative, ondemand, performance, powersave, darkness and bioshock;
- Available I/O Schedulers: noop (default for external SDCard), deadline,cfq, bfq, maple, vr, zen (default for internal), tripndroid, sio, sioplus, fiops and fifo;
- added Synapse support (with more optinons then MTweaks / if you use spectrum profiles some sections will be disabled for compatibility issues);
- Spectrum Support with 4 profiles (disabled on boot);
- MTweaks compatible;
- possible Overclock CPU frequency of 2704 Mhz for regular version / 2808 Mhz for NFS version;
- SELinux permissive;
- init.d support;
- all Samsung security related configs disabled (as KNOX, TIMA, Rooting restriction, etc.);
- Disabled Secure Storage. You'll need to refresh (remove/forget and connect/store connection again) Wifi/Bluetooth connections if you have conection issues!);
- dm-verifiy and forced encryption disabled;
- LED blink/fade control (fade enabled by default);
- changed LED to red/blue fading when booting;
- Wireguard support;
- added DEX Station patch;
- CRC checks disabled on boot for better performance;
- added switch to enable/disable of FSync;
- added UKSM;
- LMK, VM, I/O sceduler and ZSWAP (swap) tweaks;
- Entropy optimizations;
- Boeffla wakelock blocker with custom kernel wakelocks filter, for better battery;
- added SysFS control for kernel logger (disabled by default);
- disabled unnecesary logging, debugging and tracing;
- added automount FS Manager 4 support;
- added NTFS/ISO9660/UDF FS Support;
- updated LZ4 kernel module to LZ4 v1.7.3;
- added more TCP congestion algorithms (bic, reno, cubic, westwood, highspeed, hybla, htcp, wvegas, vegas, scalable, lp, yeah, veno,lia, olia, illinois, balia);
- added Smart Screen Dimming (for SSD kernel version only!);
- added CPU Touch-Boost with scheduler tune based on top apps - STune Boost (schedutil CPU governor recommanded);
- added Kernel support for MISC binaries;
- ramdisk optimizations and patched SEpolicy;
- init.d scripts, profile based on interactive CPU governor and optimization scripts, available in /=Phantom Scripts= folder, if you want to use them:
* 00performance_profile,00balanced_profile,00battery _profile,00extreme_battery_profile,99samsung_profi le: 4 tuning profiles for performance/balanced/battery/extreme battery life and 1 for restore samsung stock settings;
* 90agressive_doze: enable agressive doze script;
* 98sqlie: optimize DB;
* 98zipalign: zipalign apks;
* 99maid: a cleaning temporary files script;
* 99killer: battery saver by killing a couple draining services.

* * * Version 1.9.3 Oreo official * * *
- Compiled with UBERTC 6.4.1 + GRAPHITE optimizations;
- Updated to Samsung Open Source N950FXXU5CRK2;
- Updated to Linux 4.4.169;
- added Synapse support (with a lot of optinons, a lot);
- Spectrum Support with 4 Profiles;
- SElinux permissive;
- Support for Private Mode;
- Init.d support;
- All Samsung security related configs disabled (as knox, tima, restrict rooting);
- Added Boeffla wakelock Blocker;
- Led fade/blink control;
- Wireguard support;
- Available CPU governors: cultivation, blu_active, zzmoove, impulse, interactive, schedutil, conservative, ondemand, userspace, performance, powersave, darkness and bioshock;
- Available I/O Schedulers: noop, deadline,cfq, bfq, maple, vr, zen, tripndroid, sio, sioplus, row and fifo;
- Performance and Batterylife tweaks;
- N950FXXU5CRK2 ramdisk update;
- added UKSM;
- Possible max CPU OC frequency set to 2704 Mhz;
- added max GPU frequency of 572 mhz;
- Some GPU optimizations (slightly a bit more battery life and more performance);
- Set Spectrum balance profile max GPU speed of 455 mhz on boot (better battery life);
- disabled some logging, debugging and tracing;
- added NTFS/ISO9660/UDF FS Support;
- added Automount FS Manager 4 support;
- multipath TCP support;
- added more TCP congestion algorithms (bic, reno, cubic, westwood, highspeed, hybla, htcp, wvegas, vegas, scalable, lp, yeah, veno,lia, olia, illinois, balia);
- added 99killer, 98zipalign and 98sqlite optimization scripts to /=Phantom Scripts= folder to be available in case of need (just copy+paste to init.d);
- fixed Spectrum and Mtweaks incompatibility when using both apps;
- added SysFS control for kernel logger;
- updated LZ4 kernel module to LZ4 v1.7.3;
- a lot of ramdisk fixes and optimizations;
- set voLTE enabled props from ramdisk (just in case...)
- removed SEC_SELINUX;
- added a more efficient RMM lock patch;
- added fake FLAGS to help Magisk;
- added Smart Screen Dimming;
- CPU Samsungplug optimizations and CPU core control;
- enabled schedule workqueues on awake CPUs as default;
- 100% compatibility with Spectrum and Synapse, with MTweaks not so much.

Differences between the NFS version and the regular version (Experimental):
- CPU OC possibility to 2.8 Ghz (2808000 mhz)
- GPU OC possibility to 683 mhz
- GPU OC without CPU frequency restrictions
- Spectrum profile "Gaming" OC-ed at 2.7Ghz / 572 mhz

(No support will be given if something goes wrong while using the NFS versions of both Oreo or Pie kernels! AND don't blame me if you burn something.)

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